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Card Games

Card Games

The World's Best Card Games

by Sara Harper

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Card Games is a detailed and fully illustrated guide to 52 of the most popular card games for all ages.

A simple deck of cards can provide hours of entertainment for adults and children, so it's no surprise that card games are as popular as ever. From simple, fast-paced games for children to more complex, strategic games for adults, this family-friendly companion features 52 classic games for groups of all sizes. This handy guide provides detailed rules and instructions for each game, accompanied by clear, colored diagrams to help you master these fun, engaging games.

  • A handy guide to 52 popular card games

  • Clear, detailed instructions and colored diagrams

  • Games to suit all ages

  • Games for one player upwards
  • Games include: Rummy, Blackjack, Cheat, Cribbage, Solitaire, Go Fish, Nerts and Whist.
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